EMI Absorber Sheet for NFC

EMI Absorber Sheet for NFC

  • NFC- Ferrite-Sheet-1
  • NFC- Ferrite-Sheet-2
  • NFC- Ferrite-Sheet-3


  • Flexible EMI absorber sheet for NFC (RFID/NFC Absorber), a type of EMI Absorbing Materials, is suitable for Near Field Communication (NFC), Wireless Power Charger (WPC), and Magnetic Security Transmission (MST).
  • A high permeability and high resistance electromagnetic wave absorbing sheet is placed between the metal and the antenna to eliminate Eddy Currents generated in the metal in contact with the NFC antenna.

* Eddy Currents: Magnetic force loss is caused by Eddy Currents generated by the metal in contact with NFC antenna, which causes the inductance of antenna coil to be lowered, resulting in communication failure.


  • Suitable for NFC, WPC, and MST
  • Ultra-thin flexible electromagnetic wave absorbing sheet (can be made up to thickness 30㎛ ~ 500㎛)
  • Non-electrical conductivity
  • Easy to attach tape to the surface of flexible absorbing sheet
  • Manufactured in roll or sheet type and can be processed into various shapes depending on the application.

Details (STA Series)

Contents Sheet Type Roll Type
Part No. STA11 STA81R
Structure Single layer
Frequency Band 10MHz ~ 6GHz
Permeability μ’@13.56㎒ 55 40
μ”@13.56㎒ < 2 < 2
Thickness [㎛] 30 ~ 500 35 ~ 150
Temperature [℃] -30 ~ 85
Density [g/㎤] 3.9 2.8
Thermal Conductivity [W/mK] 0.5 0.1
Hardness [Shore A] 90 80
Tensile Strength [kgf/㎟] 4 2
Elongation [%] 5 8
Surface Resistance [Ω/□] 1 x 106
Eco-friendly RoHS, Halogen free
Flame Class UL94-V0
Size Standard 210㎜ x 300㎜ 300㎜ x 20M
Maximum 350㎜ x 640㎜ 350㎜ x 100M




It can be used for Near Field Communication (NFC), Wireless Power Charger (WPC) and Magnetic Security Transmission (MST).

Product Support

Product Number

Number Code Example
(1) Product Code STA (For NFC)
(2) Serial Number 11,R: Roll type
(3) Thickness (T) 0500: 5.0mm, 0010: 0.1mm
(4) Adhesive Tape T: Single-sided tape
TT: Double-sided tape
ST: Thermally conductive single-sided tape
DT: Thermally conductive double-sided tape
N: No tape