Spiral Spring Gasket

Spiral Spring Gasket

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  • Spiral Gasket, a type of EMI Shielding Gasket, is mainly used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, precision medical equipment, and communication equipment, which requires highly EMI/RFI management secured excellent electromagnetic wave shielding effectiveness.
  • High elasticity beryllium copper or stainless steel sheet is spiraled to provide excellent elasticity, flexibility and high shielding effectiveness.


  • RoHS Compliant
  • Superior EMI shielding effectiveness over 100 dB
  • It can be cut in the longitudinal direction and can be easily inserted into the groove in a circular shape (Groove Mounting)
  • Hardness can be adjusted according to material thickness and spiral pitch of gaskets.
  • Various spiral pitch, diameter, thickness, and materials are available.


Material Specification

Contents Silicone Sponge Silicone Rubber Tube Test Method
Core Color White Translucent -
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 1.16 1.16 JIS K 6220
Hardness (JIS A) 53 61 JIS K 6253
Tensile Strength 91Kgf/㎠ 104Kgf/㎠ JIS K 6251
Elongation 320% 365% JIS K 6251
Metal Spring Material Beryllium copper #C17200 / Stainless steel #304H

Test Results

[Shielding Effectiveness]
  • Advantest Test [MIL STD-83528C Equivalent]
  • Sample#: SBT-044W
  • Sample Spec.: D4.4mm, Sn plated BeCu
[Compression Resistance]
  • Test Spec.: ESQ-517-27 (Self-specification)
  • Recommended compression rate: 25%
  • Sample#: SBT-064W (3pins)


It is mainly used in precision equipment sensitive to electromagnetic waves such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, display production equipment, and communication equipment.

  • Spiral-Spring-Gasket-in-Groove
  • Spiral-Spring-Gasket-in-Shielding-Case
  • Spiral-Spring-Gasket-with-Silicone-Seal