Honeycomb Vent (High Frequency Type)

Honeycomb Vent (High Frequency Type)

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  • It is made of aluminum and used as a ventilation panel for EMI shield room and shield box.
  • Superior shielding performance even in 5G frequency band of 60GHz or higher (millimeter wave)
  • Superior EMI shielding, designed to allow air, heat, and light to pass through


  • Superior frequency band coverage (<-70 dB @ 100 KHz to 67 GHz)
  • Supports 60GHz or higher for ultra-high frequency band (millimeter wave, 5G frequency band)
  • No need to add additional frames when installing


Contents Data Test Methods
Size Width 100 ~ 630 mm ESQ-517-23
Length 100 ~ 630 mm
Thickness 30 mm
Cell Size ESQ-517-23 ESQ-517-23
Shielding Effectiveness < -70 dB (@100KHz ~ 67GHz) IEEE-Std-299
Material Aluminum
Options Ni, Cr3+ plating

Shielding Effectiveness


It is installed on shield enclosure, chamber, etc. to block electromagnetic noise flow, and is easy to work in chamber by smoothing air circulation.

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