Permalloy Foil

Permalloy Foil

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  • Permalloy, magnetic field shielding material, has high permeability with excellent magnetic shielding effectiveness.
  • Easy to bend and cut and to process the specific cases as needed


  • High permeability
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Bending, cutting, embedding, double-sided tape, and soldering are easy.


• Material Specifications

Contents Data
Gravity 8.74
Coefficient of expansion [℃ x 10-6] 12.9
Tensile strength [PSI x 103] 135
Yield strength intensity [PSI x 103] 21
Hardness (Rockwell B) 58
Elongation (/2 inch) 38%
Melting point 2650°F / 1454℃
Thermal conductivity [Btu· inch/ft2/hr/˚F] 240
Minimum operating temp. 4°K
Contents Data
Electric resistance [μΩ· mm] 620
Saturation magnetic flux density [Gauss] 7,700
Initial permeability 30,000
Permeability (/40B) 70,000
Permeability (/200B) 90,000
Maximum permeability 400,000
Coercivity max. 0.02
Curie temp 860°F / 460℃

Property of matter of Permalloy PB & PC

Contents PB PC
Ni Contents 49% 80%
Gravity 8.18 8.8
Electric resistance 480μΩ·mm 620μΩ·mm
Curie temp 449℃ 460℃
Specific heat 0.5kJ/(kg·K) 0.49kJ/(kg·K)
Saturation magnetic flux density 15,000Gauss 7,700Gauss
Coercivity 0.1 Oe 0.008~0.02 Oe
Maximum permeability (Dc) 100,000 300,000
Hysteresis Loop of PC

How to shield the magnetic field

It is most effective to enclose the source or affected parts of the magnetic field shield to completely enclose it, but the shielding effect can be obtained even if only the specific part is covered or the cover type is installed as shown above.

When wrapped in a cylindrical shape or made of a rectangular housing, care should be taken not to create a gap between the joint and between the body and the lid.

* Note: Due to inherent Permalloy properties, loss of properties may result if direct impact is applied during processing or transport.


Cover the magnetic field parts by permalloy foil, or protect the sensor from external magnetic fields by inserting the sensor control in the permalloy case.

  • Permalloy-Foil-Covering-Motor
  • Permalloy-Foil-for-Meter
  • Permalloy-Foil-in-PCB

Equipment sensitive to magnetic wave

Equipment Effect Standard
SEM / E-BEAM Scanning lines from influence of external magnetic wave 2mG
TEM The higher the magnification, the more sensitive to magnetic wave 0.2mG~1mG
SQUID Biomedical ultra-weak self-diagnosis device
MRI Malfunction because of external D.C magnetic wave 2mG

Product Support

Product Number

Number Code Example
(1) Product Code SPM
(2) Thickness (T) 010: 0.10mm, 035: 0.35mm


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