Cable Jacket

Cable Jacket

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  • EMI Shielding cable tube is for wire arrangement and EMI shielding, as manufactured by applying electric insulation, conductive and flame retardant sheet according to the application.
  • Suitable for use in cables for semiconductor equipment, power construction, various electric / communication switchboards, and shield related works.


  • EMI shielding effectiveness is excellent, and materials (flame retardance, conductivity, insulation, etc.) can be selected according to the application.
  • Electrical grounding function is available.
  • Easy installation and excellent wire protection


Product Structure

    1. Basic layer
      AI/PVC laminated, PVC sheet, tarpaulin etc
    2. Additional layer(s)
      Wire mesh tape (material : Sn plated copper)
      Conductive fabric (material : Cu/Ni plated polyester)
    3. Grounding wire (all along the length of the jacket)
      braided wire mesh (material : Sn plated copper)
      Wire mesh tape (material : Sn plated copper)
    4. Closure type
      plastic button, Velcro tape, PVC zipper, fastener, double side PSA

Sheet Specification

Sheet Type Contents Specification
Aluminum / PVC laminated sheet Structure Al Foil(0.10mm) + PET Film + PVC Film
Thickness 0.24mm
Operating Temperature -15°C ~ +60°C
Flame Retardance UL 94VTM-0 Equivalent
PVC sheet Structure PVC Film
Thickness 0.35mm
Operating Temperature -15°C ~ +60°C
Flame Retardance UL 94VTM-0 Equivalent
Tarpaulin Sheet Structure PVC Film + PET Fabric + PVC Film
Thickness 0.35mm
Operating Temperature -15°C ~ +60°C
Flame Retardance UL 94VTM-0 Equivalent

Product Types

Shielding Type

  • Organizing and protecting multiple strands of wire.
  • Shielding electromagnetic noise generated or incoming from cable
  • It is possible to increase the shielding rate by attaching several sheets in accordance with requirements.
  • Al/PVC Sheet (Button)

  • Al/PVC Sheet (Velcro)

  • Al/PVC Sheet (Zipper)

  • Al/PVC + Conductive Fabric

  • Al/PVC + Wire Mesh

  • Metal Mesh Cover

Shielding Effectiveness
  • Al/PVC Sheet

  • Al/PVC + Conductive Fabric

  • Al/PVC + Wire Mesh

* Test methods: ASTM D 4935

Non Shielding Type

  • Organizing and protecting multiple strands of wire.
  • Protecting cables from contaminants such as dust, oil, etc., and can be easily cut with scissors or office knives.
  • It can be manufactured in various binding form and fabric, with low price.
  • PVC Film

  • Transparent PVC film

  • Tarpaulin sheet

  • Velcro type

  • Fastener Type

  • Zipper Type

How to use

  • Cable-Jacket-Tube-Roll
  • Cable-Placing-in-Cable-Jacket-Tube
  • Cable-Jacket-Tube-Ground
  1. Diameter after fastening cable jacket should be about 10-20% larger than the diameter of the bundle of wire. If cable jacket is too tight, the binding part might open when cable jacket is bent.
  2. After cable jacket is fastened, the grounding wire(braided wire) attached to cable jacket should be touching the aluminum surface well.
  3. Fix wires and cable jacket using cable ties at both ends and connect the grounding part of the equipment and the extension cord at the end of cable jacket.
  4. Accessories such as sliders(fastening) and stoppers(preventing loose ends) could make the job easier.

Product Support

Product Number

Number Code Example
(1) Locking B: Snap button
M: Velcro tape
F: Fastener (Clothing zipper)
Z: Zipper (Vinyl zipper)
P: PSA (Adhesive tape)
C: Closed
S: Self-tied
(2) Basic sheet A: PVC/PET/AL
C: Tarpaulin/Ripstop FABRIC
C2: Tarpaulin/Flame retardant conductive fabric
D: Tarpaulin(0.35mm)/AL(0.02mm)
E: Tarpaulin(0.35mm)
G: Tarpaulin(0.35mm)/AL(0.07mm)
H: Conductive mesh
I: Tarpaulin (Taconic #9064)
J: Transparent PVC/SUS70 mesh
K: Urethane coated conductive fabric
L: Polyurethane sheet/AL(0.01mm)
O: PU/NH Flame retardant/PET black fabric/PET/AL
Q: PVC/PET/AL/EMI absorber
R: PET film/Magnetic field shielding layer/PET film
S: Polyurethane sheet/conductive fabric
U: White PVC/Ripstop fabric
V: PVC sheet(0.35mm)
W: Reflective film
X: Transparent PVC/Black mesh
X2: Transparent PVC/Black 130 mesh/ Transparent PVC
X3: Transparent PVC/80 mesh
N: Non-conductive flame retardant polyester fabric (black)
(3) Additional sheet T: No additional sheet
S(2): Conductive fabric (2 layers)
S(4): Conductive fabric (4 layers)
R(2): Metal mesh 2 layers*1 sheet
R(4): Metal mesh 4 layers*2 sheets
RS(3): Metal mesh 2 layers + conductive fabric 1 layer
SR(4): Conductive fabric 2 layers + metal mesh 2 layers
N: Flame retardant conductive fabric (WS-220-PCN)
B: Braid (Closed type only)
S2: Conductive fabric
R2(2): Metal mesh 2 layers * 1 sheet
TM: Button added on transparent sheet
(4) Size (Inner diameter) Inner diameter after locking, 030: 30mm
* The above dimensions are after fastening of the binding part, so when ordering, it must be ordered with a dimension larger than the diameter (or width) of the wire bundle to be applied.

Shielding Type

Series Picture Structure
BAT Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
BAR(2) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
FAT Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
ZAT Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
MAT Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
MAR(2) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
MARS(3) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
MAR(2) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
FAR(2) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
FER(2) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
ZAR(2) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
ZAS(2) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
MJT Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
PAT Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket

Non-shielding Type

Series Picture Structure
BVT(G) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
BVT(T) Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
BET Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
MET Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
FET Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket
ZET Cable_Jacket Cable_Jacket



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