Fabric-Over-Foam Gasket

Fabric-Over-Foam Gasket

  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket
  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket


  • Fabric-over-foam gasket, a type of EMI Shielding Gasket, is made of conductive fiber or metal foil for its cladding, allowing EMI/RFI shielding and electrical surge grounding effects to be functioned at the same time.
  • Double-sided taping for easy attachment to objects and can be manufactured in various shapes/sizes as required.
  • Good for touch sensor gasket or touch switch gasket


  • RoHS Compliant, Halogen Free
  • Flame retardant material (UL94V-0) used
  • EMI shielding and electrical surge grounding function at the same time
  • Excellent elasticity using PU sponge for core material
  • Various lengths and shapes are available according to the application, and easy to die-cut or scissor cutting



Contents Unit Data
Fabric Type Aluminum Foil Type
Surface resistance Ω/□ < 0.08 < 0.05
Shielding effectiveness (at 100MHz~1GHz) dB > 65 > 65
Operating temperature -20 ~ +80 -20 ~ +80
Recommended compression rate % 25~30 10~15
Flame Retardancy - UL94V-0 * Only applicable type
Eco-friendly - RoHS Compliant, Halogen Free

Shielding effectiveness

  • [Fabric Type]
    • MIL STD-83528C Equivalent
    • Sample Size: 10mm(W) x 5mm(T)
    • Cladding Material: Conductive Fabric (Polyester + Cu, Ni)
  • [Aluminum Foil Type]
    • MIL STD-83528C Equivalent
    • Sample Size: 15mm(W) x 2mm(T)
    • Cladding Material: Aluminum Foil

Types of shape

Rectangle Type

Flat Type

Round Type

D Type

P Shape

Double P Type

L Type

C Fold Type

Knife Edge Type

T Type

U Type

* In addition to the above shapes/sizes, it can be customized.


EMI Shielding & PCB Ground

  • Fabric-Over-Foam Gasket is attached to the tuner part, PCB, cable, etc. for grounding with the external case.

  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket-attached-to-Tuner
  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket-between-PCB-and-Case-1
  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket-between-PCB-and-Case-2
  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket-Attached-to-Case
  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket-in-LCD-Display
  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket-Roll

Touch Sensor Gasket / Touch Switch Gasket

  • Touch sensor gasket (touch switch gasket) functions as an electrode connecting display panel and PCB in the electrostatic touch input method, and is mainly suitable for touch switches of home appliances and industrial devices.
  • Hole processing in the center is possible, so it can be attached over LED light to show ON/OFF status when touched.
  • Touch grid method is expensive, but foam gasket has a good workability and economic advantages when the number of touch points is appropriate.
  • This gasket does not stress PCB/Panel thanks to its softness and elasticity.

[Regular Type]

  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket
  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket

[Center-Hole Type]

  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket
  • Fabric-over-foam-Gasket

Product Support

Product Number

Number Code Example
(1) Product Code SF (Shield Foam)
(2) Width(W) 070: 7.0mm
(3) Thickness(T) 030: 3.0mm
(4) Shape R: Rectangular Shape
D: D Shape
O: O Shape
P: P Shape
DP: Double P Shape
L: L Shape
C: C-fold Shape
C2: C-fold with PET film Shape
KE: Knife Edge Shape
T: T Shape
U: U Shape
SB: Small B Shape
DR: Double Rectangular Shape
B: Bell Shape Shape
(5) Double-sided Adhesive Tape A4: T2953
C: T2122 (Halogen Free, Flame Retardant)
D: T317
M: T222
M4: T224 (Halogen Free, Flame Retardant)
N4: T1255 (Halogen Free, Flame Retardant)
N5: T3165 (Halogen Free, Flame Retardant)
X: No adhesive tape
(6) Flame Retardant FL: No Flame Retardant
NB: Flame Retardant (Halogen Free)
NC: Flame Retardant (Dioxin non-detection)
(7) Surface A: PET Ripstop + Cu, Ni
A5: PET Ripstop + Cu, Ni + ATU
B: PET Taffeta + Cu, Ni
C: PET D.T.Y. + Cu, Ni
E: PET Taffeta + Cu, Ni + Carbon
F: PET Ripstop + Cu, Ni, Ag
H3: PET Taffeta + Cu, Ni, Au
J: PET Ripstop + Cu, Ni + Carbon
P: Al Foil + PET Film + PET Fabric
P4: Al Foil + PET Film


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