Conductive Silicone Elastomer

Conductive Silicone Elastomer

  • Conductive Silicone Elastomer-1
  • Conductive Silicone Elastomer-2
  • Conductive Silicone Elastomer-3


  • Conductive Elastomer, a type of EMI Shielding Gasket, is made by mixing metal powder with silicone rubber and has excellent conductivity.
  • Excellent adhesion to adherends due to inherent characteristics of silicone rubber and excellent heat resistance.
  • Used for defense equipment, ships, communication repeaters, defense connectors (O-rings)


  • RoHS Compliant
  • Excellent hermeticity, conductivity and heat resistance.


Material Specification

Contents SSC Type SC Type Test Method
Conductive filler Ag/Cu Carbon
Binder Silicone
Electrical characteristic Volume resistance (Ω·cm) 0.02 7.0 ASTM D 257
Shielding effectiveness (dB) >80 >20 ASTM D 4935
Physical Characteristics Specific gravity (g/cm3) 3.8±0.2 1.3±0.2 ASTM D 792
Hardness (Shore A) 50~80(±5) 60~70(±5) ASTM D 2240
Tensile strength (kgf/cm²) 30 (430psi) >60 (850psi) ASTM D 412
Tearing strength (kgf/cm) 7 17 ASTM D 6248
Elongation (%) >200 >330 ASTM D 412
Operating temperature (°C) -50~+125 -50~+170

Metal powder particles

SSC(Flake) Type Silver Coated Copper

SSC(Flake) Type Silver Coated Copper

SSC(Dendrite) Type Silver Coated Copper

SSC(Dendrite) Type Silver Coated Copper

Product Shapes

  • O-T Type

  • O-A Type

  • D-A Type

  • F-S Type

  • D-T Type

  • G-A Type


It is mainly installed in external case groove of shield box, electronic equipment to perform electromagnetic noise shielding and ground functions.

  • Conductive-Silicone-Elastomer-Sealing

Product Support

Product Number

Number Code Example
(1) Material SSC: Silicone + Ag/Cu
SSG: Silicone + Ag/Glass
SSA: Silicone + Ag/Aluminum
SNG: Silicone + Ni/Graphite
SNC: Silicone + Ni + Carbon
SC: Silicone + Carbon
(2) Serial Number 235
(3) Outer Shape O: O Shape
D: D Shape
P: P Shape
F: Flat Shape
(4) Inner Shape T: Tube Shape
S: Sheet Shape
A: All Silicone Shape


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