Thermal Conductive Pad

Thermal Conductive Pad

  • Silicone-Thermal-Pad
  • Silicone-Thermal-Sheet
  • Ultra-thin Silicone-Thermal-Sheet


  • Thermal conductive pad is a typical thermal interface material that effectively transmits heat generated from heat sources inside various devices such as electronic devices and automobiles.
  • Produced by dispersing and mixing thermally conductive powder in silicone resin with excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation properties.
  • Its excellent flexibility and elasticity make it good adhesion to heat source and high heat conduction effect.


  • RoHS compliant
  • A typical thermal interface material
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and flame resistance.
  • Thermal conductivity and hardness of thermal pad can be selected.
  • Possible to apply single/double-sided adhesive, PET release film laminating, shape processing depending on the application


Thermal Conductive Pad

Product Number Color Thickness
Hardness Thermal Conduc-
Tempera-ture[˚C] Volume resistance
Soft Type TH708S-40-15-OO Gray,White 0.5~10 Shore OO 40~60 1.5 -60~200 Min.1.0x1011
TH709S-60-20-OO 60~80 2.0 Min.3.0x1011
TH710S-80-30-OO 70~90 3.0 Min.3.0x1011
TH709S-60-20-GF 0.3~5 60~80 1.7 Min.3.0x1011
TH710S-80-30-GF 70~90 2.5 Min.3.0x1011
TH710S-80-30-PM 70~90 2.8 -60~180 Min.3.0x1011
TH711S-20-10-PF 0.5~8 2~10 1.0 -60~200 Min.1.0x1011
TH732S-20-10-OO 20~40 1.0 Min.1.0x1011
TH714S-40-10-OO 30~50 1.0 Min.1.0x1011
TH711S-20-10-GF 0.3~5 2~10 1.0 Min.1.0x1011
TH714S-40-10-GF 40~60 0.9 Min.5.0x1011
TH708S-40-15-GF 50~70 1.3 Min.7.0x1011
Hard Type TH718S-80-12-OO Gray 0.2,0.4,0.6 Shore A 75 1.12 -60~180 3.0x1015
TH719S-85-17-OO Brown 85 1.7 2.0x1015
TH720S-80-27-OO Blue 80 2.6 8.0x1014
TH721S-50-10-OO Black 55 1.1 5.0x1014
TH712S-90-09-GF Gray 0.18,0.23,0.30 90 0.9 1.0x1015
TH722S-90-16-GF Pink 92 1.5 1.0x1015
TH723S-90-20-GF Pink 88 2.0 1.0x1015
TH724S-90-30-GF Blue 85 2.5 1.0x1015


  • It is easy to attach, detach, and semi-fix because of its soft and adhesiveness properties.
  • It can be applied to the battery module for electric vehicles to enable BMS circuit insulation and heat dissipation function, to absorb vibrations and to fix the accessories.
  • It is a versatile heat dissipation material that can be used for power controller and driving motor control parts in new energy field such as solar power generation.

  • Silicone-thermal-pad
  • Thermal-conductive-pad
  • Thermal-pad

Product Support

Product Number

Number Code Example
(1) Product Code TH (Thermal Interface Material)
(2) Serial Number 708
(3) Material S: Silicone
(4) Hardness 40
(5) Thermal Conductivity 15: 1.5W/mK, 70: 7.0W/mK
(6) Base Material GF: Glass Fiber
PF: PET Film
OO: None
PM: PET Mesh
IF: Polyimid Film
(7) Surface Viscosity ST: Single-sided viscosity
BT: Double-sided viscosity
NT: No viscosity


No data.