EMI Absorber Sponge

EMI Absorber Sponge

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  • EMI absorber sponge(EMI absorber foam, Conductive foam), a type of EMI Absorbing Materials, is made of open cell polyurethane sponge coated with electromagnetic wave absorbing materials which are uniformly coated inside and outside of the sponge, thus it can be uniformly absorbed even in the thick product.
  • Available to manufacture various products by cell density and thickness of sponge.


  • RoHS Compliant
  • Conductive foam type
  • Excellent absorption rate of electromagnetic waves
  • Superior flexibility and elasticity due to polyurethane sponge characteristics



Contents Data Remarks
Material PU Sponge+ Absorbing material
Applicable RF Band 1GHz ~ 18GHz
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 100°C
Hardness 40°±20°
Cell Size 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 80 Unit: ppi
Thickness 10, 20, 30 Unit: mm
Standard Size 200*300, 300*300 Unit: mm

* Sponge type, size and thickness can be adjusted according to the application.


Mainly used in highly sensitive measurement equipment, electromagnetic shielding room, electromagnetic test box, etc.

Product Support

Product Number

Number Code Example
(1) Product Code IRA
(2) Serial Number R1
(3) Thickness 030: 3mm, 100: 10mm
(4) Adhesive Tape T: Tape
N: No tape


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