SMT EMI Gasket

SMT Gasket

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  • SMT EMI Gasket (SMT Ground Contact/Pad, PCB Ground Contact) is a grounding gasket that prevents malfunction due to electromagnetic waves generated inside electronic devices, attenuates electromagnetic noise, and grounds PCB to outer case.
  • Reflow soldering is possible up to 260℃ by using material with excellent heat resistance.
  • Packaged with reel tape to enable automatic surface mounting.
  • Can be used as a touch switch gasket, a touch sensor gasket, etc.


  • Stable cube shape, and very soft & elastic by using a sponge core.
     - Manufactured in a variety of sizes compared to silicone or metal ground contacts
     - Neither bent nor broken like a finger strip
     - No fear of hardening or generating siloxane like silicone-core type
     - Soft sponge material does not warp PCB nor deform the device
  • Excellent electrical conductivity and low surface resistance
  • Excellent resilience, free from bent or broken problem (Hardness adjustable)
  • SMT(surface mounting) available and manual soldering compatible
  • RoHS Compliant, UL94V-0, Halogen Free



Contents Unit Value Remarks
Electric Resistance < 0.1 ESQ-612-02
Compression Recovery Rate > 90 ESQ-612-26
Compression Rate % 20~25 ESQ-612-27
Flame Retardant - UL94 V0 UL File# E221431
Aging Test (After aging) > 90 20% Comp., 70℃, 100hr
Solder Joint Strength kgf > 0.5 -
Reflow Temperature 230~260
Peak Time: Max. 10sec
Repulsive Force kgf < 1 ESQ-612-27
Operating Temperature -40~85
Environmental Regulation N999P033 Compliant, Lead free
* Precautions for handling SMT EMI Gasket


Gasket Shape
Material Surface Conductive film
Adhesive Eco-friendly adhesive
Core Heat resistant sponge (reflowable to 260℃)
Size(mm) Width Height Length
Max. 12 20 ~
Min. 3.5 1.0 2.5

PCB Landing Size


Gasket Size PCB Landing Metal Mask Thickness
4 3 4.5 3.2 1.5 1.5 0.15
5 3 5.5 3.2 2 1.5 0.15
5 4 5.5 4.2 2 1.5 0.15
8 8 8.5 8.2 3 2.5 0.15

Compared with finger strip gasket

SMT Gasket Finger Strip
Compression Recovery Rate > 90% / High 85 ~ 90% / Low
Surface Resistance < 0.1 / Low < 0.1 / Low
Contact Area Surface Point / Line
Environmental Regulation RoHS Complaint, Halogen Free BeCu Banned


PCB Ground & EMI Shielding

  • SMT-EMI-Shielding-Gasket-and-Grounding-Contact-Sample-1
  • SMT-EMI-Shielding-Gasket-and-Grounding-Contact-Sample-2
  • SMT-EMI-Shielding-Gasket-and-Grounding-Contact-Sample-3
  • SMT Gasket is used for EMI shielding and grounding by attaching to PCB of LCD module. It’s usually used several pieces on PCB to maximize EMI shielding and grounding effectiveness and its positions on PCB are reflected in PCB circuit design phase.
  • Provided in reel typed career packages suitable for SMT.

Touch Sensor Gasket / Touch Switch Gasket

Touch sensor gasket, Touch switch gasket
Touch sensor gasket, Touch switch gasket

  • Touch sensor gasket (touch switch gasket) functions as an electrode connecting display panel and PCB in the electrostatic touch input method, and is mainly suitable for touch switches of home appliances and industrial devices.
  • Spring contact and touch rod method require manual soldering, causing poor productivity, but SMF gasket's automatic surface mounting can improve productivity and reduce process cost.
  • Cost saving is expected by replacing the expensive touch grid method.
  • This gasket does not stress PCB/Panel thanks to its super softness and elasticity and has high reliability against corrosion.

Product Support

Part Number

Number Code Example
(1) Product Code SMF (Surface Mount Foam)
(2) Serial Number 01
(3) Width (W) 050: 5.0mm
(4) Height (H) 030: 3.0mm
(5) Length (L) 040: 4.0mm
(6) Shape T Shape