Certificate & Patent

Certificate & Patent

We have implemented an internal management system that conforms to the global standards; ISO Quality/Environmental Management System (ISO9001/14001) is applied to all areas of the company, including business management, production process and product design.

We acquired IATF16949:2016 certificate on “Manufacture of Gaskets for Electronic Components” as of January 2020. Since early 2019, we reviewed the standard procedures that IATF demands by external consultants and internal education, composing TFT.

We passed the rigorous environmental management system review by SONY and obtained "Sony Green Partner" certificate as of March 2020. SONY encourages eco-friendly production by prohibiting the usage of any potentially hazardous substances and requiring Green Partner (GP) standard to companies in partnership.

We will produce high-quality products that comply with international standards such as ISO and IATF by strengthening production processes and company operating systems.

International Certificates

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

Production of Industrial EMI Shielding Materials (EMI Shielding Gasket, Clear Board and Conductive Adhesive Textile Tape, etc.)

and Heat Dissipation Device

Certificate No. : GK-1603-QC

Initial Date : 13 Feb 2007

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems

Production of Industrial EMI Shielding Materials (EMI Shielding Gasket, Clear Board and Conductive Adhesive Textile Tape, etc.)

and Heat Dissipation Device

Certificate No. : GK-1603-EC

Initial Date : 13 Feb 2007

IATF 16949:2016

Manufacture of Gaskets for Electronic Components (Excludes Product Design under Clause 8.3)

Certificate No. : 109307/A/0001/SM/En

Initial Date : 07 Jan 2020

UL94 Flame Class V-0/1 (File# E221431)

Miscellaneous Insulating, Ceramic, Metallic and Conducting Materials – Component

UL510 Flame Retardant (File# E253699)

Insulating Tape – Component

SONY Green Partner Certification

Management regulations for the environment-relate substances to be controlled which are included in parts and materials

SS-00259 for General Use, 17th Edition

Factory Code : FC014982

Initial Date : 16 Mar 2020


We hold 14 domestic patents and 2 international patents by conducting R & D to develop new products, improve quality and productivity by injecting experts in the fields of EMI shielding, EMI absorption, and heat conduction (heat dissipation).

Domestic Patents

Patent Registration #
Conductive pad and Manufacturing method thereof Patent 10-1175346
Graphite sealed thermal conductive elastic gasket Patent 10-1228603
Thermal conductive foam gasket Patent10-1245164
Graphite sealed electrical / thermal conductive elastic gasket Patent10-1256397
Graphene-metal composite, heat / electro conductive foamed elastomer using the production method thereof Patent10-1270771
Electromagnetic wave absorbing band for a cable and the method for installing the same on a cable Patent10-1298963
Heat-conductive elastic parts with excellent heat transfer efficiency Patent10-1321578
Heat-conductive parts with excellent heat dissipation and thermal conductivity Patent10-1322618
Ground foam gasket for mounting an electronic circuit board having a molded core Patent10-1350223
Washing and drying equipment Patent 10-1404006
Thermal conductive elastomer that blocks the antenna effect by noise coupling Patent10-1503307
Shield tent with excellent electromagnetic shielding effectiveness Patent10-1514434
Thermal conductive elastomer capable of reflow soldering and manufacturing method thereof Patent10-1861244
Heat / electrically conductive elastomer with reflow soldering Patent10-1884930

International Patents

Patent Registration #
Thermal conductive elastic body (Thermal conductive elastomer) ZL 2013 8 0002971.3
Thermal conductive elastic body (Graphite sealed thermal conductive elastomer gasket) US 9,335,104 B2

Certificates of Patent