The core competitiveness of our company is to continuously develop new products by utilizing our excellent research personnel of each research sectors (Chemical, Material engineering, etc.), and to manufacture products by engineering the equipment specialized in product performance. Our competitive edges make us respond flexibly to customer requirements.

Key Points

  1. We run our own R & D Center and Engineering Department to secure the quality-focused products.
  2. It minimizes production delay because we can repair by ourselves in case of production facility failure.
  3. It is possible to improve product quality and improve productivity through production of own designed equipment.
  4. It is possible to keep the confidentiality of products by our own design and production facility.
  5. By making jig in-house, various samples can be provided according to customer's demand and we can respond more quickly.

R & D Center

  • Research and development for new products
  • Material development
  • Prototype analysis
  • Sample & specimen analysis
  • Reliability test
  • Perform joint research and development with government agencies

Engineering Department

  • Optimized performance through 3D design
  • Jig / Mold production
  • Mass production equipment engineering
  • Improvement of production facilities and productivity
  • Equipment maintenance, etc.