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We live under influence of electromagnetic waves generated in mobile phones, TVs, cars, and various electronic devices every day.

In recent years, most of electronic devices and equipment generate more harmful electromagnetic waves than conventional ones due to miniaturization of electronic circuits, higher processing speed, and lower power consumption, causing electromagnetic interference between electronic devices and emitting harmful electromagnetic waves to human body.

We are specialized in manufacturing various products that shield or absorb electromagnetic interference and make heat conduction to transfer heat generated in electronic devices since establishment in 1991. We have manufactured high quality products that meet international standards such as ISO 9001/14001 and RoHS, and we have been providing our customers with high quality products.

In addition, our R & D center has built an industry-university collaboration system based on its own technological capability, focusing on new product research and development, and launching new products continuously.

Finally, we will continuously manufacture high quality electronics components that reflect customer's opinions and requirements as much as possible and do our utmost endeavor to satisfy our customers.

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E-SONG EMC Co., Ltd.