Research & Development

Research & Development

Our R & D center was established in 2006 to research and develop new materials, new products, and high value-added products for customer satisfaction.

We have been developing technology-intensive products and expanding competitiveness in electromagnetic shielding/absorbing and thermal interface materials by concentrating on cutting-edge technology and core infrastructures.

We have developed ultra-thin sheet for electromagnetic wave absorbing, shield pad/gasket for automatic mounting (SMT), electromagnetic wave absorbing band, and thermal conductive foam gasket/pad, as a catalyst for industrial technology innovation.

We have developed high performance components such as highly permeable electromagnetic wave absorbing sheet complying to 5G frequency bands and high efficiency thermal conducting sheet, supplying them to many domestic and foreign companies. We are doing our best to provide research and development service to meet customers' needs.

Our company is a technology-oriented company by developing new products that meet customers’ requirements in the industry of electromagnetic shielding/absorbing and thermal interface material.

We will focus on improving technological competitiveness of our main field of industry and establishing a creative R & D system for promising long-term growth in the future.

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Major Research Fields

Our research center is focusing on the following fields with our core competence.

EMI Shielding & Absorbing Solution

Develop EMI shielding & absorbing products to minimize mutual interference in various frequencies used for various electronic device

Thermal Conduction Solution

Develop high-efficient ultra-thin thermal conductive material to effectively solve heat problems caused by high integration of electronic devices.

Electrical Conductivity Solution

Develop new products with low-resistance, inherent softtening, high elasticity, high adhesion, abrasion resistant for electromagnetic shielding and grounding functions.

Multi-functional Materials

Develop multifunctional materials and parts for solving complex problems due to high integration of electronic devices. Develop high frequency band material applicable to 5G wireless communication device.

Development Records


11Introducing new ultra-thin product regarding to thermal interface material for mobile phone


12Patent of heat-conductive elastomer and heat/electric conductive elastomer technology capable of reflow soldering


06Developed ultra-high permeability electromagnetic wave absorbing sheet (Completed in 2016)


07Patent of ground foam gasket technology for surface mounting of electronic circuit board with mold core

07Patent of shield tent technology with excellent electromagnetic shielding effectiveness


07Completed the development of thermally conductive foam gasket and applied for domestic and international patent

02Developed electromagnetic wave absorbing band for cable and applied for domestic patent


10Started development of solar cell related substrate material

04Established a branch of R & D center in Seongju factory


08Developed shield pad capable of automatic mounting (SMT)


07Development of ultra-thin electromagnetic absorbing pad


10Establishment of R & D center

04Development of magnetic shielding thin plate for shield laminate


07Technology export of shield window production technology and equipment to S company in Japan


05Development of liquid conductive silicone rubber for electromagnetic shielding


11Technology export of automatic gasket production for ground foam to T company in USA