Shield Enclosure

Shield Enclosure

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  • Shielded enclosure (EMC Tent) of various sizes can be easily used when it is difficult to install a shielded room due to space and cost problem.
  • Box type shielded enclosure is recommended for small device test, and room type shielded enclosure is recommended when operation in large equipment or shield space is required.
  • Easy to move / install / disassemble due to the prefabricated structure, and excellent shielding effectiveness by made of conductive fiber material and double door structure.


  • Same performance as shielded room for less cost
  • Excellent shielding performance
  • Easy to move, install and disassemble with prefabricated structure
  • So called, EMC Tent


Parts Specification
Shielding Cover Material 2 layers of polyester conductive fiber (plated layer Ni / Cu / Ni)
Thickness 0.18mm
Surface Resistance 0.05Ω/□ (MIL-STD-83528C)
Heat Resistance -15~+100℃
Frame Material Aluminum pipes (No.6063)

OD.30mm / T.2mm (Room Type)

OD.25mm / T.2mm (Box Type)

Frame connection socket Material Aluminum cast AC2B, thickness 5mm
Door opening and closing fastener Material Polyester, size 9
Mesh Fabric Material Polyester conductive mesh (plated layer Ni / Cu / Ni)
Thickness 0.07mm (200Mesh)
Surface Resistance 0.09Ω/□ (MIL-STD-83528C)
Heat Resistance -15~+100℃
Ventilation window (Mesh type) Size 300x200x3(T) [mm]
Shielding Rate -80dB/ 20MHz~1GHz (ASTM D 4935)

Product Types

Room Type Shielding Enclosure

  • Air can be circulated inside the enclosure and the lighting can be installed, allowing the operator to work inside.
  • Suitable for operation in large appliances or shielded spaces

Installation examples
  1. Velcro tape
  2. Shielding cover
  3. Frame
  4. Opening area
  5. Inside / out side doors (conductive fastener)
  1. Air ventilation (optional)
  2. Power cable sleeve

Shielding Effectiveness
  • Test Method: IEEE-STD-299
  • Sample Number: ST-2121
  • Sample Size: Depth 210 x Width 210 x Height 215 cm
Field Frequency (MHz) Measuring Positions & Shielding Effectiveness (dB)
Door Air Vent Filter Box Wall
Magnetic field 0.014 10 6 6.5 7.5
0.2 38.5 22 23 28.3
Electric field 1 55 57 54 54
30 26 24 16 28
Plane wave 400 68 50 68 50
1000 66 56 50 60
10000 59 47 50 50
18000 53 38 45 45

Box Type Shielding Enclosure

  • Suitable for testing small devices after installing on the table
  • Easy to install and disassemble in a short time
  • Shielding rate by frequency
Frequency 900MHz 2.4Ghz 5.9GHz
Shielding Rate (dB) -61 -47 -41

※ In-house test according to IEEE-STD-299, Size: 500x500x500 [mm]

Double Layered Shielding Enclosure

  • High shielding rate due to double layered enclosure cover
  • It is a structure in which the inside and the outside are electrically separated completely.
  • Double layered room type enclosure is avaiable.
  • Shielding rate by frequency
Frequency 900MHz 2.4Ghz 5.9GHz
Shielding Rate (dB) -74 -71 -54

※ In-house test according to IEEE-STD-299, Size: 700x700x700 [mm]

  • Installation Features
Inner installation

Inner enclosure can be easily installed inside the outer enclosure using one-touch method


By providing a support at the bottom between the inner and outer enclosure, even if the test equipment is placed inside the inner enclosure, it does not allow the shield rate drop by electric short.

Power passage

Insulation sheet is inserted into the power path between inside and outside to prevent short.

Shielding Pouch

  • Small devices such as cell phones and circuit boards can be easily shielded inside the pouch
  • Possible to form arbitrary space by inserting box or small frame
  • Shielding rate by frequency
Frequency 900MHz 2.4Ghz 5.9GHz
Shielding Rate (dB) Fabric 10 Series -36 -30 -30
Mesh 20 Series -24 -20 -21

※ In-house test according to IEEE-STD-299, Size: 300x300x300 [mm]


Cable shielding jacket (for extending)

Shielding for power or signal cable inserted through sleeve

  • SIZE : Φ50, Φ100 [mm]
  • Thickness : 0.35mm
  • Temp : -15℃~+90℃
  • Material : Al foil + PVC film
  • Fastening method : Velcro tape

Conductive hotmelt adhesive

Iron on to cover a shielding cover damage

  • SIZE : W50mmXL50m
  • Thickness : 0.12mm
  • Temp : -15℃~+100℃
  • Attaching temp : 130~180℃ / 2Kg
  • Material : conductive fabric, polyurethane hotmelt (Ni incl.)
  • Surface resistance : 0.05 Ω/꓋

Conductive adhesive tape

Apply over a shielding over damage

  • P/N : T200
  • SIZE : W50mmXL50m
  • Thickness : 0.11mm
  • Temp : -15℃~+100℃
  • Adhesion : 1000g/25mm
  • Material : conductive fabric, acrylic adhesive (Ni incl.)
  • Surface resistance : 0.05 Ω/꓋

Shielded window

For monitoring inside the tent, without accessing through the door

※ Warning : shielding window can cause decrease in shielding effectiveness

  • SIZE : custom-made
  • Thickness : 0.35mm
  • Material : PVP film + conductive mesh
  • Surface resistance : 0.05 Ω/꓋
  • S.E : 50dB/20MHz~1GHz
  • Transmittance : approx. 70%

EMI filter for AC, DC, LAN
  • Customer-made according to customer's requirements (S.E., power)

Product Support

Product Number

Number Code Example
(1) Product Code ST (Shielded Tent)
(2) Width*Length 1515: 1.5m*1.5m
(Tabletop Type: W=H=L, Room Type: H 2.0m)
(3) Series Name 200S
(4) Frame Material A: SUS canopy (100S series only)
B: Aluminum pipe (200S series only)
C: Plastic pipe (for small size)
D: Others (Customized)
(5) Layer 1: Single layer
2: Double layers

* The above size is based on the tent cover, and the frame is about 100mm larger than the tent.