Ground Foam Gasket

Ground Foam Gasket

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  • This conductive foam gasket (EDPM Gasket), a type of EMI Shielding Gasket, is made of conductive fiber or metal foil for its cladding, allowing EMI/RFI shielding and electrical surge grounding effects to be functioned at the same time.
  • Double-sided taping for easy attachment to objects and can be manufactured in various shapes/sizes as required.
  • Good for touch sensor gasket, touch switch gasket, or touch screen gasket


  • RoHS Compliant
  • Flame retardant material (UL94V-0, Halogen Free) used
  • EMI shielding and electrical surge grounding function at the same time
  • Excellent elasticity using PU/EDPM sponge and silicone core material
  • Various lengths and shapes are available according to the application, and easy to die-cut or scissor cutting



Contents Unit Data
Fabric Type Aluminum Foil Type
Surface resistance Ω/□ < 0.08 < 0.05
Shielding effectiveness (at 100MHz~1GHz) dB > 65 > 65
Operating temperature -20 ~ +80 -20 ~ +80
Recommended compression rate % 25~30 10~15
Flame Retardancy - UL94V-0(Halogen Free) * Only applicable type
Eco-friendly - RoHS Compliant

Shielding effectiveness

  • [Fabric Type]
    • Advantest Test [MIL STD-83528C Equivalent]
    • Sample Size: 10mm(W) x 5mm(T)
    • Cladding Material: Conductive Fabric (Polyester + Cu, Ni)
  • [Aluminum Foil Type]
    • Advantest Test [MIL STD-83528C Equivalent
    • Sample Size: 15mm(W) x 2mm(T)
    • Cladding Material: Aluminum Foil

Types of shape

Rectangle Type

Flat Type

Round Type

D Type

P 타입

Double P Type

L Type

C Fold Type

Knife Edge Type

T Type

U Type

* In addition to the above shapes/sizes, it can be customized.


Ground foam gasket is attached to the tuner part, PCB, cable, etc. for grounding with the external case.

  • Ground-Foam-Gasket-attached-to-Tuner
  • Ground-Foam-Gasket-between-PCB-and-Case-1
  • Ground-Foam-Gasket-between-PCB-and-Case-2

  • Ground-Foam-Gasket-Attached-to-Case
  • Ground-Foam-Gasket-in-LCD-Display
  • Ground-Foam-Gasket-Roll